Girls, Stops texting me out of nowhere? I'm confused?

The story: Started talking to this girl, 25, very pretty, great personality, and job. The most important thing, I felt the feeling I was looking for when you're around someone. She made me smile uncontrollably. We go on the first date, it goes great, we set up a 2nd. Go on the 2nd date it goes great, at the end she even told me she wanted me to give her a kiss, so obviously we did. We set up up an entire weekend of hanging out next week! Thurs we planned to attend a German fair event, Fri my place I was going to cook her dinner watch movies, then Sun her mom actually told her to bring me over to watch a football game! This is where it goes astray? We hangout this Thursday, go to the event in town, have a blast, buy her grandma some Christmas gifts, kiss again, say our goodbyes. The next day I text and say "hey we still on for tonight?" she gives a couple excuses, apologizes and cancels. I send a short quick response obviously because I'm sour, but it wasn't mean. I think I said "it's cool, sleep tight". No text back from her. Next day nothing all day, so I call around 3pm, she doesn't answer. No call back, no text back. Next day which is today (suppose to watch the football game with her family) NOTHING all day? Bored I browsed Facebook and see she was on earlier to make a post about booking a vacation in like 2017... So she has time to post, but not text/call me? I guess I'm just super confused and stunned. Is this a hard to get game? Did she lose intereast? Is she hoping for me to keep reaching out? I'm lost. I texted last, and called, both unanswered. I'm no stranger to cues, so correct me if I'm wrong the balls in her court. Anything else from me I would assume is too much, clingy, and desperate. Right?


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  • Be patient. If after a week she doesn't respond, then ask her about it, casually. The thing with women is, if you've become super close in a short space of time, and you've met family members, and all that, she might feel like it's getting serious, and she needs to take a step back to assess the situation. Maybe she was just enjoying time with you, and now it feels like maybe you're something more than casual... just give her a little time to deal with her emotions. Or maybe it's not you at all, and a close friend needs her time and attention, just be cool about it, not clingy.

    • That's what I was hoping to hear. Makes sense, but to completely ignore me, and make me wonder? That's not very mature and to be honest bothers me. Because now I'm just left to wonder why I'm not hearing from this girl that I'm totally into. Even s hi or a bs excuse would make me feel better. Something!

    • That's fair enough, I've felt the same way, so you can decide if you want to wait around for someone who acts that way, or move on :)

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