What should a guy wear on the first date?

I recently just went on a date with a guy. I'm not sure if I was too picky, but I was kind of turned off by what he was wearing on the date.

Let me know what you guys would wear, or girls what you think a guy should wear on the first date?


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  • What to wear is dependent on individual situations people. What did our date wear?

    • My date works as a landscaper outside. He wore old dated jeans, shoes and a sweater. The jeans were too short for him and the shoes were really old. His hair was uneven too (like unkempt and was in need of a haircut).

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    • Thanks! I felt really bad for judging him. I try to be understanding, but I just couldn't deal with that. I mean I get that's what he does for a living. But you would think he would have worn better clothes to a date. Even if a person is poor they can still get some decent clothes. When I was in college I would shop a thrift stores for things to wear on dates.

    • I mean one should at least look clean and wear proper fitting clean clothes. Even if it's a t-shirt and jeans, just clean and fitted well

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  • Oh it depends... lol If i am trying to be a big massive flirt I'll make sure to show my chubby legs lol!

  • I just think jeans and a regular shirt? Haha depends on where you're going! I always opt for casual.


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