Is continuing a relationship that you perceive as fake really worth it... was I being used for sex?

My boyfriend of 6 months and I have only had sex once (1 week ago) and since then he's beginning to show signs that he's not as interested in our future anymore.

Before having sex, he was planning on buying a ticket out to Colorado to meet my family with me, but now he's spending money (which is hard for him to save) on sports tickets, games, and no longer talks about flying out... he says he wants to marry me/spend forever togethet/ etc etc, but I'm starting to have doubts... is this a coincidence?


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  • It sounds like the conquest is over. He got the booty and now it what ever and a slice of pie


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  • It could literally just be him having cold feet about meeting your family, he's living in the now and if you know his income and know he can't afford a ticket if he's spending like this on other things then talk to him about it!


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