Should we have split the bill?

A couple of days ago, I guy I recently met at a party asked me on a day out- we went to the botanical gardens and it was overall a good day out with nature. Towards the evening we decided to go to a restaurant and we had pretty good food and he paid the bill. He then took me home (shared a hug, which was quite long, and a small kiss on the cheek). Now, I think that we went as "friends" and I'm not sure if anything romantic was involved but I kinda felt something romantic during the day. But anyway, now a couple of days later I'm thinking... should I have split the bill with him, since it was a first "date" and we weren't actually planning on having dinner? Or am I just overthinking?
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  • It doesn't matter if you're pursuing him as a romantic interest.

    But based on how this read it sounds like you only see him as a friend.

    If thats the case, dont let him pay for everything and think he's going on dates with you if you aren't invested in it. Thats just leading him on.

    You said you felt something romantic towards the end, if thats the case it really doesn't matter - he invited you out on a date so nothing wrong with being expected to pay.

    But I would think you would keep in mind if you really dont plan to progress that relationship past just hugs and a kiss on the cheek you need to get the message across and not just let him pay for everything.

    • Maybe I didn't word my question correctly, but I'm genuinely interested in him. During the day we had juice at a juicebar, which I payed for, and I offered to pay for the garden tickets but he refused... and so now I'm thinking that he paid for everything basically and it's confusing!

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  • ... Asked me on a day out...
    He Invited you 'Out' as like a First date and even though Any First Date doesn't always end up a 'Mate,' it is always proper for the guy, I feel, to reach in his own wallet and pay the bill as a Gentleman, @Tanya1
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for your thought :)

    • Oh, so welcome and I have never had to reach in my own pocket for a First date and you should not have to either. xxoo

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  • No the guy should always pay the way regardless of a relationship, to me it's just a common courtesy, im just nice like that

  • it doesn't matter.

  • You pay next time.

  • You should have.

  • Wow look at all the bitches voting no


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