How can I make my guy friend see me in a different light?

so, i have this guy friend I've gotten close to after we exchanged numbers at a party and i thought he may have been interested in me, and i even crashed at his house one weekend and he slept on the floor while i took his bed, nothing happened at all and i know he has hooked up with a decent amount of girls. When we first started talking it was a little bit flirty and he would always invite me to join him to study and stuff, but now its so platonic and casual. we have a lot in common and have a similar sense of humor. we spend a lot of time together, and i asked him if he was seeing anyone and he said he kind of has a girl and its a long distance thing but then he always just calls her a friend.

I think I come off as very conservative and too nice, so I want to kind of "womanize" myself. I really like him, but I feel he sees me as a younger sister or something.

Advice on what I could do?


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  • In my experience is just because you turn of the light or only see there good side doesn't mean that other side isn't there


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  • Dress sexy (not slutty) get your hair done change your makeup then don't act overly friendly, obviously still be friendly but maybe act as if you have a date with a guy to test his reaction or give him more eye contact than usual to test his reaction


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