Is it normal to feel dread before a date?

I serioulsy feel like I would rather be at home watching netflix in bed instead of going on a date.
I'm getting kind of concerned. I'm a bubbly person, very optimistic and positive. But my last break up really hurt me.

It wasn't so much the break up that hurt me, as it was necessary given the situation. My boyfriend basically cheated on me. I only found out because something in my gut told me to check the dating site I met him on to see if he had deleted his profile. Surprise surprise, there he was! I didn't have to make an account to find him, I just did a search in his hometown.

It really hurt me a lot. And I am having a hard time trusting anyone, even myself! I am so scared of making another mistake that I fear meeting guys.

I am so great on first dates. I used to get so excited and be very friendly. Now I am so scared, I get really gittery and nervous. I go on the date and keep thinking about it being over already :(

I feel so helpless and have no idea if it will get better. It's already been a month and I have no idea if I will ever be able to be excited about another guy again. I'm a really great person, I care a lot and the cheating really shook me. I've got a lot of great qualities though and really want to meet a great guy.

I just don't feel safe around guys anymore because the last one hurt me so bad and shook everything I felt I knew. :(


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  • How long were you together? You may just need more time than a month before you're ready to enter the dating world again. If it makes you feel any better though, I have a similar dread for anniversaries. Every time they come around I can only think of how it might be the last one.

    • We were together just over a year. he told me he wanted to live with me and everything. So i was thinking i had finally found the one. All my friends are married and have kids and i want that too :(

    • My boyfriend and I are like that now (dating for just over a year, he wants to move out with me, even informally proposed to me a few times, etc. and he's also my first) and I know it would take me longer than a month to get back into the dating game. Maybe just give it some more time.

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  • give it a little more time to heal from the break up. things should get better as time goes on


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  • Perfectly normal, your out of your comfort zone.


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