Ever since I came out, and decided to actually try and get a girlfriend, it's like every nice woman on the planet disappeared?

I've been trying to find a nice women, with common interests, good personality, for about a year now. I know I'm only 18 but, I've been single for years and now that I'm almost 19, already an adult, moving on with my life... I would like to begin a relationship.

However, any girl I message online on dating sites, never replies, or stops talking to me. I'm not picky about looks, I don't really care, as long as I'm attracted to them. I'm mostly just looking for a nice girl, with a good personality, humor, silly, sarcastic but not rude with common interests.

But, it's like all the girls disappeared, none, and I mean, NONE are interested in me.

Maybe I'm just ugly? I don't know, ahah!

But, it's a little frustrating.
Just let me add that, I'm bisexual.


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  • Holy fuck, it seems like women are just never satisfied.

    "Where have all the good men gone?"
    "Where have all the good women gone?"

    I pray to non-existent God that one day women who complain about where all the good w. e. s went will realize that they're the only common denominator in their dating troubles.

    • Never satisfied? How is it my fault that I can't find a women? I talk to them, I'm nice to them, want to know about their interests, enjoy their company. But, no one ever takes the time to talk to me. I'm not saying they are obligated to, they aren't. I'm fine if someone isn't interested in me, it just seems like not even one person is interested in me. That's stressful. Sorry that I feel that way. I mean, my goodness.

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    • Yeah, you're just being a typical girl and blaming the world for your problems. Nobody is completely undesirable; I feel there's more to this story than you're letting on, and I feel you're also going for good looking people while looking like a mess yourself and expecting them to lower their standards for you meanwhile you maintain your standards.

      Either way, I don't actually care. I came to say one thing and dip, so that's what I'm about to do.

    • I am looking for people I'm attracted to, doesn't everyone? I'm not looking for super models. I just see someone like their eyes or smile or hair, see we have common interests and attempt to talk to them. Sure, I have issues, doesn't everyone? I'm not exactly sure where you get off, but honestly it's just rude. So, feel free to dip. I just wanted to share an experience, not be attacked.

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  • Oh well I like girls! hahah! Nah you just haven't meet her yet~!!! Sometimes u have to find hobbies and thing u love and i am pretty sure u will find her. I wish I could find a gf!

    • Thank you hun! I'm sure you'll find one too! :D

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    • LOL! I feel you. But, for me it's tumblr and fanfic. net

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  • Right! Welcome to the world of men. The girls you speak of are like unicorns.

    • Guess I'm a unicorn. LOL I think it'd rather be a dragon though. Oh, okay yeah I'm a dragon. Anyway... This is true.

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    • @teawrecks I stopped reading after the first line 😝

    • 😪😪😪😪😪

  • You haven't hit adulthood. Wait until you're about 25.

  • Being 19 and not finding a perfect girl or mature girl is completely normal. Most males dream of finding a girl that does not play games. She's coming, don't fret.


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