I hate being black so much?

I'm just so fucking tired of being ugly, or being considered ugly by women and society for something I can't even fucking control, I mean, I'm already light skinned, isn't that fucking good enough?


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  • Hi!
    I have seen you around here on and off always asking the same question am I good looking. You need to love your self first before someone eles does. Not everyone will find you attractive and that's okay. There are so many people in this world you will end up finding someone. So what those white girls don't like you. Doesn't mean all the white girls will hate you. Don't turn bitter over that relax go keep your mind busy on other things get a job or something. Try out for sports in high school girls like that too. Maybe if your confident in something it will attract girls someday.

    • I don't like sports and, I can't love myself first

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    • Thanks for MHO @asker

    • @Rick-Lewis I don't look at a persons color or race as long as I like him I will date him. So there goes your answer. Plus one of my sisters is Puerto Rican and half black. I also have a lot of nieces and nephews Spanish and black. We are a mix family.

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  • I don't see black people having that much trouble with picking up girls, mate. What country are you from? Which part? What kind of girls are you approaching? What's your style game like? What's your demeanour like? How attractive are you?

    If you're some Earl Sweatshirt looking goofball who wears shit clothing and isn't masculine with no skills who is from some bullshit part of the USA (like the south) and are chasing white women who feel superior to you, then it's time to switch your game up.

    • I live in New York, feel I dress rather well, and feel I approach any girl I deem attractive, regardless of skin color, unfortunately, due to my school, many have been white, a fact I despise in myself.

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    • Also, you've still got:

      Japanese women
      Latina women
      Black women
      Arab women
      Mexican women
      mixed women

      who find black men attractive, so the world hasn't ended just yet.

    • It's generally just ghetto black women

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  • I don't find black men unattractive and I never have, how do you know it's your skin that apparently makes you ugly?

    • The fact that none of the black guys I know have girlfriends but most of the white guys do

    • So you're assuming that, rather than considering that they could actually have personality flaws, be pursuing the wrong women, or other variation of issues, it's just because they're black?

      Where I live the culture is very diverse and I know many black men who have girlfriends. I sincerely doubt it's based on race alone.

      Also, is this referring to white women only or all races of women? Because if it's the ladder, than this is extremely hypocritical.

  • No such thing! To be black is to be beautiful! Why? Because no matter what race u are... you should feel special that somehow u were chosen by some force to be a certain color. Sometimes I think being hispanic is ugly and I only seen ugly about it... but no i don't... i am not just my race I am freakin far from it.

    • @apple24 YOU are Spanish?

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    • Don't get mad just laugh it up okay I am pm you now and bye @Asker.

    • @RicanEyes okay... lol sorry i took so long I was talk to my aunt she cam fromhonduras and she all lonely so i thought of chat her up.

  • Woe is me... it's the end of the world! I'm black and not to mention light skinned. People hate me enough for being black but now i really don't fit in for being a shade lighter than people of my race! πŸ˜₯

    Guys say they like me, compliment me, and hit on me but I know that they're lying! The girls in this world say they're my friends but theyre just waiting to stab me in the back! I'm alone in this world and it's me against them! 😀

    Being black is such a burden :(

  • Each person has his own beauty and each one is unique and tbh i like black guys why you think like that? there's 3.5 billion girls in this damn world and each girl has her own view you'll find one im telling you that+im singlee but my self confidence is like level 1000 iknow im beautiful and i don't care if someone doesn't like mee i like me😩 And guess what god is saving you for someone special 😏

  • -ignore racism
    -love yourself for you
    -dont care what other people think

  • You better be proud of your blackness do you know how many people try to imitate black own the t and be proud

    • No one really does, as the saying goes, "Everyone wanna be a n*gga, but no one wanna live the n*gga life"

    • Black people get culture jacked on the reg other people want curly hair like us our bodies and our skin your right they don't want the issues that come with being black but they still envy everything else about us

  • Woah calm down there. You're young. The right girl will come along. Stop looking down on yourself.


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  • >.>...

    Umm... damn dude. You're thinking too hard about it. You have some disadvantage with the skin, sure, but the world thinking you're ugly isn't part of it. Aren't light skinned and mixed black people considered the most beautiful?

    • If you're a woman, and, I don't want the disadvantages, some days I'd honestly rather be dead than black

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    • @apple24 heheh i like to keep it blunt

  • Look, man. I know who this is.

    Just get help already, because this self-hatred is only going to get worse. No one is considering you ugly because you're black, it's probably because you're desperate and very insecure that people are turned away. You're the only one saying you're ugly because you're black, unless people have explicitly said to you that you're unattractive because you're black.

    • I've become that obvious, huh 😌

  • No, it isn't, and guess what? It only gets worse as you get older. <3

  • black guys get all the white bitches tho

  • You can be ugly and white and good looking and black. Accept who you are because you can't change it.


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