Seriously, stop with the mixed signals?

I started crushing a bit on this one guy. I developed feelings for him, after his continuous gestures of help. He always helped people with stuff but I was the only girl. He was always so friendly to me so I started getting interested. Anyways, we somehow got each other's contact info and started texting. Once we started texting, we texted nonstop, until I fell asleep. This occurred for two days and then he did not reply. The next week, I was wearing a skirt and I did not have a jacket. I asked to borrow his hoodie, and he let me. It smelled so gooddd. He told me to just return it later. I texted him and asked if he was going to come to my classroom and pick it up. He said he was going to and picked it up. He was supposed to stay after school (stay on the 4th floor) but walked down with me (1st) to my bus and just said that hmm maybe I should just go home too. We started texting again after tht and texted for three days again. Our convo ended again after he said goodnight and I replied gnite. He keeps ending the conversation but replies so quickly when we do text. Does he like me?


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  • Well this is a tricky situation, the quick replies might mean he likes you and he is interested in you, but ending the conversation might most certainly mean that he does not want others to know that he is interested in you! Well i too end telephonic conversations abruptly if someone comes near me while talking, but if i am not disturbed i might end up talking for hours!! So the final line is that he most likely like you! so go ahead!! enjoy!!

    • But what should I do? I do not want to keep starting the convo first.. I did this already the first time, when he didn't reply after I sent thank you after he helped me with something. We met with a group or friends after that and we talked in person but he never replied. I had to start the convo again a few days later.. how can I get him to text me first

    • He is too shy to talk to you! and he does not want to seem desperate! But he likes you! you start he convo again when you people are alone he will open up

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  • I would say he likes you for sure. Going out of his that much is a good sign that he does.

    How does he end the convo or what is happeneing when it ends?

    • Like the first time, he helped me with something and I said thank you and he read buy didn't reply bc we saw each other right after the text. The next time, we were texting at night and he asked if I was tired and sleepy yet. I said yeahh im gonna go to sleep and he said good night. I said good night. He didn't reply the next day.

    • As a guy sometimes we have to be on our toes to make sure we don't come across as needy or desperate by texting or calling all the time. We are afraid of what she is going to think. So what you can do to help is by telling him that you like getting messages from him in the morning and that you enjoy all of his messages.

      But as a guy I don't know what the rule is about saying things like that. What is going through your head when this was going on?

  • I wouldn't give a hoodie to someone i didn't like.

    • Even if the girl asked u?

    • The only girl who would get my jacket/hoodie would be my girlfriend or girl i like.
      I've actually been it this situation before and have denied friends before.
      If I go out with friends and its all ready a little chilly before we leave the house. BRING A JACKET, Dont expect me to give up mine because your trying to be cute. If your cold im cold.
      The other time this has happens is when i was third wheel with some friends and was the only one with a jacket. Even though she was cold, because she was not "my girl" i felt i could not give her my jacket. It could make her boyfriend (my friend) look bad.
      I know how to be chivalrous but not every girl gets that from me. Please look up the weather before you leave.

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