How can I break through?

It's not like I'm gonna wake up one day and be full of self confidence


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  • Right, because self-confidence doesn't just happen overnight.. unfortunately. I think that it is going to take some time to become more confident, but start by being more outgoing and less inhibited. Don't be afraid to say what you feel or be yourself. Also, try to be less embarrassed when you share your opinion. Talk to anyone and everyone in order to gain social skills. Don't worry about what others must think, just focus on being happy. Eventually you will see a difference. Good luck, my friend.


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  • Not many people are " full" of confidence. A very confident person may still lack confidence in certain "areas" in their life.

    Life begins at the end of your Comfort Zone, so the only way to gain more self- confidence is to face your fears - do what you are afraid to do.

    Confidence doesn't come instantaneously, so you have to be patient, and motivate yourself. It can be difficult, but it is possible.

    Successful people look on failure as an opportunity to begin again, they won't give in and accept defeat. So you can succeed in gaining more confidence in any spect of your life... you just have to do things even if you believe you can't. 😊

  • -telling yourself that your beautiful
    -saying u love yourself over again
    -talk to yourself- one person is try to convice u your awesome and the other one is trying to tell u u suck... fight and be postive
    -be postive
    -watch video on youtube about guys sort of like u... shy getting older who never asked out girls... watch about guys that did a 360 change and how they got a girlfriend... and started caring for themselves
    -take care of your health and your mentally
    -enjoy life and the process
    -be happy and aware that u got a good like
    -make friends that love and care for u... I care about u! although I never meet u in person I fully respect u.!!
    -respect u!


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