Should I ask him out?

Went to a semi formal with this guy, and ended up having a great time. Such a gentleman, we played the guitar together at the pregame in my room, held my hand walking places, kept me warm by holding onto me outside and rubbing my arms, walked me home and hung out for about another hour and half until about 2 am, and we madeout a few different times. Then he walked home. I had an extra mattress for him if he wanted to stay but i didn't ask because I didn't want to give the wrong impression. The next morning at 9 am texted me "Thanks again for inviting me last night. I hope you had fun :)" and I responded saying "So much fun! Thanks again for coming with. Hope you had just as much fun :) And thanks for keeping me on my feet at times last night. haha so embarrassing" and he just says thats what he was there for and that he had a blast. The later that night found me on instagram and added me, and the following Monday snap chatted me and i responded and he didn't respond back. So then i snapped him again on Wednesday and got one response and then nothing after my second. I haven't heard from him since then. It seemed like we really enjoyed each other and had a great time, so i want to kind of try this thing out.

The thing is that he doesn't have a car and I do. I picked him up for semi and thats why he walked home after. So i'm wondering if that's possibly why he hasn't asked to do something. Everything we can do around here pretty much requires a drive and I know it would be weird to ask someone out and then volunteer their car. So should I ask him to do something after we get back from Thanksgiving break? If so, what should I ask him to do? We have hikes, there's a beach nearby, coffee shops, movies, etc. Or should i just ask if he wants to hangout and leave it open ended? All advice is welcome, as I am completely clueless on what to do. Thank yaaa


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  • YES it is perfectly fine to ask a guy out!

    He won't freak out, his worst reaction would probably smile at you :-)

    • I'm just not sure if he is interested since we haven't talked since Wednesday when i snapped him and he only responded once... any ideas? And how would you suggest I ask him when i send a text? (I don't really ever run into him..

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    • No yeah he does have my number. That's what I'm saying about how I haven't heard ffrom him

    • and thanks so much for your advice!:)

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  • Yes, absolutely. Definitely ask him out.

    • Aghhh I just don't want to ask if I have no shot with him. Because it is true I haven't heard from and/or seen him since almost 2 weeks ago. Yes he has liked every post of mine on FB and IG and seen every story but that honestly isn't saying too much. And Im pretty old fashioned in the way that I believe that if a guy likes you enough he will pursue you.

    • There's no shame in asking, nor do you have much to lose.

      I've heard the "old-fashioned" thing before, but I don't think that will get you anywhere. If the guy is shy then he won't necessarily approach, or he may think "if she likes me, she'll approach me" too.

    • the other thing is, I haven't talked to him or seen him in about two weeks... You don't think that would be weird if I randomly text him: "Hey! I've been wanting to go on one of the hikes in ______ and thought I'd ask to see if you would wanna come!"

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  • Yes ask him out!

    • any ideas on how? and if I should just ask to hang instead of making a specific plan and obviously showing it as a date? or should i say something like we should get a group together?

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    • Yeah I'll probably text him. But I mean like what should I say and what should i suggest? Should i make it more like we should hangout soon! Or like Hey lets do this and have something planned

    • just plan it before him and ask him out on that plan date!

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