Does your partner do anything in public that embarrasses you?


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  • I have a friend who told me his girlfriend is always embarrassed with him in public. Why? Because he's always fixing her lol... even picking her nose if a booger is peeking out. I got a good laugh then

    • Fixing her... lady part? LOL. Does she fart in public to?

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    • Thanks for MHO :)

    • Your welcome.

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  • My ex used to pull at my clothing in public

    • Oh really why was that?

    • he liked to show me off I guess?

    • Yeah I was talking to a girl and she farts loudly in public. She does it anywhere at anytime and in front of anyone. She will be looking at stuff on the shelves in a shop at the mall and then all of a sudden burrrrrrrpt.

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