Is it ok to cry in front of a celebrity?

My friend lives in LA she's been dating this actor for a while. Almost a year or two. He's a lot older than her. She's about my age he's 48. He has a kid from a previous marriage. This is the 3rd relationship he's had. She's worried he might leave her. He's already been married twice. His son really likes her. They all seem to get along really well. She said whenever they kiss she starts to feel upset and really nervous but she does it anyway. Me and her would watch his movies every weekend she's loved him since she was 12 or 13. When he was married and had a kid she would cry over him all the time. She thought he was so cute and he is. But she doesn't know why she's feeling this way every time she kisses him. She texted me told me that they were in bed now but she can't sleep. She's wanting to know if it's ok to cry in front of him? And why is she feeling this way?


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