What shud I do? please help?

We were very best friend and she rejected me many times then we are not talking from last 5 months.. and last night I was with her family and we together she tried to talk to me many times but I didn't... she lives with her aunt because her father is no more... last night her aunt said something bad to his father... then I was angry and abuse her aunt in front of her.. then she come to me and play a song on her phone and put a ear bud in my ear... that was a very romantic song and now I am totally confused... I really love her and trying to forget her but its so hard what should I do plzzz help? what's in her mind..


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  • Well she doesn't want to be with you. Maybe she just wants to remain close friends (i know you haven't been talking to her for 5 months now) and the last time you talked to her was when she played a romantic song in your ear. Did you ask her if she likes you back? She could like you back, but maybe now isn't the right time for her to be in a relationship.


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