How can we attract a college girl please?

Hey there, there's a girl in my university that I'm attracted, to a point that I keep thinking of her again and again. I only see her during a class that we have in common, we talked a little and everything but I would really want to go further.

I've never dated someone, so I kind of, have no experience at all despite being 21 years old.
I wonder how much should I wait for asking for her number, what we should talk, and so on..

Kindly help me to find a solution to one of my biggest current issue. I'm sure you can give me great explanations and procedures to what I should do.



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  • its college. go right up to her and ask for her number. if you dont, you're just wasting your time when you could be checking out other girls.

    you dont have to be fancy. if she's gonna give u her number, it doesn't matter what you say as long as u dont put ur foot in ur mouth.

    try n get there early and ask ber before she goes into class..

    you: "hey"
    her "hey!"
    her: " yknow, i think you're pretty. id like your number to call or text ya sometime."
    (offer her your phone)

    • he third line is you obviously***

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    • it's not easy for anyone.

      but if u want to be w/ the girl u want to be with... it's something u gotta do.. otherwise you're gonna settle... on someone less appealing.

      lemme tell you can happen.. some dude can go up to her and get that number while you wait around getting comfy. snooze u lose.

    • You are totally right on that point, I should do something about it. Thank you

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