Why am I finding it so hard to trust?

I git chatting to a guy last week and we met 3 days later , he was lovely and we got on so well and had a kiss. The next day he told me he wants a relationship with me and he's even telling me he wants to sometime in the future to maybe live together , visit places etc , he says I'm everything he has been looking for in a women. It's a long distance thing and he says when we move in together we will be together and have each other etc , I know it's moving quickly but he's telling me what he wants in the future with me. I have come out of a 18 yr marriage so it seems to good to be true ! I like this man and in my heart I hope it's true but why am I being so negative? He says he can see himself falling in love with me he even asked if I would be his woman , we have both deleted our dating site profiles he calls everyday , I need advice , should I just go with the flow? Is this to good to be true?


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  • Could be to good to be true, but its unlikely guy is intentionally leading you on.
    If I was in your shoes, I'd let him be happy, but let him know that you're cautious.

    He knows you were in a long term relationship. If he is a good man, he'll understand

    good luck


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