Relationship problems with a co worker?

I have worked with a guy for over a year. About 4 months ago we began texting and talking everyday for hours on end. Then it slowed down but we talked at work and began to hang out, outside of work. And things got intimate. Everything was going good. And I really do have feelings for him. We flirted since day one. Well one night I got drunk and said some absolutely horrible things about him as a person. I immediately apologized the next day. But he never responded to my text. And now at work he ignores me completely but when he walks past or around my machine he just stares at me or watches me. We work in a very close proximity. On usual days we have to talk about work because we work on the same product. Im confused on his behaviour. Why has he not yelled at me, said anything to me? Why is he ignoring me but makes a point to walk right past me? I see him looking at me and watching me but he always looks away. And honestly im so ashamed of my self im not sure what to do or how to act. After the text of mass apologising I have not bothered him or tried in anyway to contact him. I have not even tried to speak to him at work. Im just confused on what to do. Any opinions will help and thank you. By the way we are both in our 30s if that helps.


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  • He still likes you, but he can't forgive what you said. And probably he never will. Try to say hello and be friendly to him, but you/ve apologized, and now leave it at that.

    Don't try chasing after him.. at your ages, his mind is made up.


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