I've known this guy for a little over a year now. He's one of my brother's coworker's and also one of his best friends. My brother and I are born in the same year and have almost all the same friends, thus he introduced me to him. He's funny, he's kind, he's a total gentleman ( he opens doors) Makes sure you don't get wet in the rain, amazing listener, and great conversationalist... everything a girl like me could ever want. About 2 weeks ago we had made plans along with some other friends to head over to a restaurant for Dinner, but all our friends bailed. I asked him if he' d mind if just the two of us went out to dinner, and he didn't seem to mind. We had a few drinks and the conversation lasted and lasted, I asked him about about his life, he asked me about mine, we talked work as we both have difficult coworkers... and we laughed, a Iot. I loved every minute of it. Anyway I ended up home around 1... and thinking about him. I've had this crush on him for a couple months now, and I'm at a point where I'd like to see if maybe he might feel the same about me. How should I go about this? (He's 26 and I'm 25)

I'f a little afraid of not getting the reaction I'd hoped for as I had a dream the other night he rejected me.


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  • I have a crazy impossible idea. It might even be brilliant! "Tell them your into them" I may not fly around in a police box named the tardis but sometimes the simple answers are the best ones.

    • Lol that was my intention... I just am unsure of what the best way to ask would be lol

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  • Ask him if he would want to go on an actual date sometime since your outing turned out well.

    • Humm... I should just ask right? I don't know I'm kinda nervous lol

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    • Good luck! :) I have the feeling it'll turn out well!

    • Lol thanks I hope so

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  • Ohhh is it me? ;]

    • I don't know does your first name start with the letter A?

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    • Nope. Haha

    • Lol good in didn't want him to find out this way anyway lol

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