First date ideas?

What are great things to do on a first date


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  • If she's adventurous and active: hiking with a picnic (picnic sounds a little old fashioned but absolutely adorable!)
    If she's shy: try maybe seeing a movie so she gets used to being around you then a dinner or something after where you can talk
    If she's outgoing and laid back: ice skating, bowling, etc
    If she loves music: local gigs are great. Nothing expensive just something casual
    If she loves the outdoors: the beach. Wether it's a picnic on the beach or a walk followed by coffee or a meal
    Sporty: a sports game

    Saying all that if you don't know her well (because first date) then those things should also give you some ideas as I'm pretty sure most girls would appreciate any of that! :)


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  • Eight ball pool? I don't know what it's called.
    Bowling, ice skating, heck even indoor rock climbing if she is not afraid of heights.

  • paintball tbh


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