What can I do to get out with this girl please?

Hey there, there's a girl in my architecture class that I'm attracted to.
One day, there wasn't any places left in the room so luckily she sat next to me, and from there I've talked to her. I've managed to make her laugh, and she was also playing with her hairs which I believe could be considered as a good sign.

The second day, I came earlier than her and when she came she sat to the seat she's used from the beginning of the semester. In other words, next to one of her usual classmates.

Does it mean that I was mistaken and that she's not interested in me at all?

Since the first day I've talked to her, I keep thinking of her everyday. I can't stop thinking of her.
I've never dated someone in my past 21 years, and as being a shy person it makes it really difficult to me.
I don't know what to do anymore.

Kindly provide some guidance, as much as you can. I'll really appreciate it, since I'm facing a situation which makes suffer my heart.

Best regards,



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  • Alright man, after class... time your walk out with her and ask her about the class. It's a safe subject and seemingly innocent enough so she doesn't feel you're coming on too strong.

    If she's semi interesting or you can come off trusting enough, she'll entertain your questions. Maybe the convo dies and you'll have your answer or maybe you'll be able to expand on other subjects outside of the class.

    If things continue to go well, you can invite her to study with you for the exam which allows for more interaction.

    Remember, build value by talking to others as well... don't narrow tunnel vision this girl. If she's not into you, no problem. Keep talking to people.


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