She has a boyfriend but wants to hang out?

This girl and I have been on dates before (earlier this year). Overtime, she started to talk to this new guy and now as of recent they are dating. She has never told me that she is dating him or that is her boyfriend and I have no idea why.

I still like her more than a friend (we are really good friends). However, she wants to hangout this week because she is in town for a week. Why would she want to hang out with me if she has a boyfriend? My guess is the boyfriend has no idea who I am.


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  • Well, it sounds like you are assuming she has a boyfriend. Just because she's dated or is going out with someone else doesn't mean they are exclusive. So rather than guessing, why not just ask her? If she is in an exclusive relationship then hanging with her is not necessarily a bad thing but you need to mind your boundaries and assume she is being straight up about everything. If it proves she's not then bail until she gets her shit together.

    • Well I have seen them hold hands after church, I have seen his arm around her during church while they sit there.
      Out of pure crappy luck, as I was driving away in my car, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the holding hands.
      Now, the thing is that she has referred to him as "some of her friends" but wouldn't expound on that. So wouldn't it be safe to assume they are in an exclusive relationship?

    • Its probably a reasonable assumption but not necessarily true, stuff happens, situations or fluid and you don't know the gritty details.

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