Should I tell my parents?

Guys if you saw my last question this would make sense, if you didn't, well it wont! I regained moms trust back and then i lost is yesterday, I told her i had to stay afterschool for art or wtv and i stayed afterschool with my boyfriend and my brother saw us and he called mom, he's an ass i know. My mom went rage, took my phone AGAIN! and she's like i dont trust you anymore. I wanna talk to my dad and tell him to give me and chance and give my boyfriend a chance because the whole fight was really misslead. My dad can be more like a friend to me rather than my mom, its like mom has serious trust issues, i honestly believe she does. I wanna tell my dad and if he is chill about it than im gonna make him meet my boyfriend. Guys im arab, but not the ideas you have about them the uptight parents and all that shit, like no i can go out in shorts dresses and etc...

This is what i wanna tell my dad

" Dad i wanna talk you, because i dont wanna feel like im hiding anything from you, most of my friends do that but i was always against this idea.. At my age its normal to like guys and so i do like this very speical person and he's a really great guy that went through a lot for me and if it was anyone else they wouldn't do that. I really want you to be more towards a friend to me now rather than a parent, This person is a really good guy and his family loves me and i really like them too... "etc and all the bullshit you would say. HELPP WHAT DO I DOOOO
  • Do i tell my dad about everything thats happening
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  • Do i wait months and date behind their backs which is hard cause he goes to a different school than me and im grounded for months
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  • Tell your dad about everything that's happening


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