My boyfriend doesn't want me there?

My boyfriend and i have been together 5 months now. He moved here to cali from pa. We are both 26 years old. He moved here because he got a job in his field here. He is flying home for Thanksgiving Tuesday to Sunday and his bday is Saturday. He never invited me to go home with him to meet his family and spend Thanksgiving with him. Im really hurt because not only did he not invite me to Thanksgiving he is leaving me out of his bday. I know 5 months is a short period of time but we are older so relationships tend to move quicker and be more serious at this age. He knows money isn't an issue for me. I know i should have just asked if i could spend it with him but i felt weird. I dunno something just seems off that a 26 year old man isn't even considering his girlfriend when it comes to a major holiday and his bday. Like dont people usually want their sos there when they celebrate their bday?


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  • Maybe he didn't want you to feel a) that you had to go or b) that you would be stuck there together in case something goes wrong.

    Give it time and let him introduce you when he is ready.

    • Yeah but in a relationship you should be comfortable enough to express your feelings to your partner. My other point is that he isn't even compromising by spendibg Thanksgiving with his fam and his bday with me like u think he would want to spend at least one with me. Its like time with me comes second

    • If you are already feeling like you're second then maybe it is time to re-evaluate your whole relationship.

    • you're absolutely right if he is already showing signs of not compromising at all then there is an issue im not going to be in a relationship where im not even thought of u know

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  • Considering its close to a major holiday and he's traveling to the other side of the US he may have decided not to ask because you could be spending time with your family for the holidays and he didn't want to prevent you from spending time with everyone else.

    • Yeah but its the fact he didn't even ask. Like he doesn't know if he doesn't ask and his bday is during that time. I felt like he could have at least compromised and flew back in time to celebrate his bday with me but it just seems like he wants to leave me out of everything which really hurts i thought we were in an exclusive adult relationship where you at least ask the SO its like he is saying he would rather spend his bday with other people

    • You could have also offered to go. It's not entirely on him asking. And flying back and forth at least 4 times would be a lot of money if he was going to stay there for Thanksgiving.

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