He lied to me and had a girlfriend?

This guy was my first kiss, so i am attached. I was the most beautiful girl he has ever been with, he had said it himself ( i am not lying i am what people consider ''drop dead gorgeous'). He abused me emotionally, he treated me like a sex object from day 1, i was naive and let him use me, he didn't wanted to be seen with me in public and just wanted sex, he said vile things many times. I found out today after a year, he has a girlfriend, and this girlfriend is not attractive, she is black African (he even said i was a lazy nigger), im not saying black people aren't attractive but she is ugly, like ugly. He treats her like Gold, and he already let her meet his family and they go out in public, while he called me trash, this girl looks trashy, i am a virgin, he said that i had a ''shitty personalíty'', i was depressed at that time, like severly. Why do men hate pretty women? why? why does he hate me so much? am i THAT beautiful he thinks he doesn't have a chance with me?


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  • As you said, he used you for your body. He found someone he actually wanted to be. Also you may want to check your conceited level. it's not very pretty. Nor is it nice to bash someone completely on appearances.

    • Its not conceteid, she is ugly as fuck, his ex girlfriend was a goddes next to her, how the hell could he left her for that! I mean i am so sick and tired of being screwed over, its like they hate pretty women, use them throw them, and date the ugly ones, i have a fun personality and he didn't even wanted to get to know me, he truly hates me

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    • funny cause she is west African and he said that being black is the worst you can be

    • People can change.

  • you are beautiful and truly valuable I'm sorry he treated you this way try to move on he is a moron Jesus loves you and knows how beautiful you truly are inside and out


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