What to do about a girl that I can barely see?

Hey all was wondering what to do. Iv'e been talking and seeing this girl since the summer and we have hung out a few times. Her parents are against us seeing each other so we have had to sneak out a few times. I met her mother once when she allowed us to chill she seemed Ok with it but the step dad is not and now we are not allowed at all.

We still text every so often and I've been trying to see her during lunch time at school. But I feel like a burden asking all the time. Should i just move on? I really like her but its very frustrating at times...


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  • You haven't mentioned how she herself feels about you. Does she want to see you? Or are you the one initiating all the time?

    • She says she really likes me, she said she felt a strong connection after asking me "Have you ever been with someone that you thought could be "the one?"

      She is real busy with school and sports and work. But I always believe if you like somebody you make time for them.

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    • Good luck, dude.

    • Thanks. How did it go?

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