How can I stop being so awkward around guys?

I get so awkward and shy around guys that I like- I know this is a problem most people have but how can I loosen up and come across a bit more confident? It's so odd cause I'm quite a bubbly, confident person in every other context but with guys I like I get so tense ! Sometimes to the extent that they comment on how awkward it cold I am.

Any tips please?


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  • Practice it with a friend and pretend the next guy is just a friend. Don't put too much pressure on yourself and just be you don't try to act any differently than u do normally


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  • I'm the same way, and what I try to do is come off as calm/composed/quiet, rather than anxious and shy. I do this by thinking before speaking, not being afraid to make eye contact and read his intentions, etc.

    If I'm feeling especially nervous, then I'll let him do most of the talking, but I'll make sure to be an active listener by making eye contact, using facial expressions, and smiling.


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  • Just pretend they're like your older brother. I kinda did the same thing to gain confindence with girls, pretending they're my younger sis.


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