Is love really love if it can't survive distance?

  • No, if it can't survive distance it really isn't love
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  • Yes, if it can't survive distance it's still real love.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Love isn't measured by distance... if two people love each other , and want to be together then they'll do everything they possibly can to be together... even if they have to cross Oceans and Mountains to be together.

    It is rare for a long distance relationship to work in the the long - term , but not impossible. It is much more difficult to make them work. A lot more effort , and sacrifices from both people need to be made in order for the relationship to survive

    I need emotional security in a relationship , and a long- distance relationship would make me feel too emotionally unsafe. 😊

    Only you can determine if it's real love or not, because only you know how you really feel 😊


Most Helpful Guy

  • You can still love someone but have a relationship fall apart due to distance.


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