Do you find it hard to be attracted to somebody mentally and physically in today's society?

I've been single for 5 years by choice as I just havn't met anyone I feel a connection with. A lot of my friends say I'm too fussy but I'd honestly rather be single than in a relationship with someone who is either good looking but doesn't really care for me or unattractive but great personality but no chemistry or passion. Do you believe that attraction can grow over time or without an initial chemistry is it pointless giving love a chance? What's your thoughts guys?


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  • Well I think that the modern "trends" make it so that a ton of girls are off the market for me. Since the cool thing for girls to do right now is dress like whores, party, sleep around, and act like b-tches unfortunately many of them do that to be trendy. Since there is such a large number of girls doing that, that automatically takes away 30+ percent of the female population, that I would never date. 50 years ago that percentage would have been like 5% but things unfortunately have taken a dive for the worst. This makes it more difficult to find a girl who just dresses nicely, and doesn't sleep around or drink, not even taking into account any other features. If you throw in that you want her to be good looking shave off 30 percent of the population who would be considered "unattractive". Then if you want a girl who is also a great person and gets along with you well (even if you are like me and get along with a lot of people) you still have to shave off 20 percent or so, since I would assume you dont like the personality of at least 1 out of 5 girls. Now we are left with 20 percent of the population that I would actually date (these numbers are estimates). But that isn't even taking into account other little things like intelligence, career, family values, religion, politics, or any of that. This 20 percent is literally just girls who dont party, are good looking, and who have a likable personality. Now given this is usually enough to get me to date the girl (unless she is a different political or religious affiliation), but still. 50 years ago I guarantee you could find a lot more women who dont party, and a lot more women who are nice and easy to get along with, because back then people (men and women) weren't as selfish so they were friendlier and better people. In today's world based on my calculations about 1 in 5 girls fits my standards, but if you take into account the percentage of those girls that already have a boyfriend then it drops even more. The thing is these aren't difficult standards, I just dont want a slut, I dont want a b-tch, and I dont want a super ugly girl, that isn't really too much to ask, but its so hard finding girls like that (fortunately most of the sluts are b-tches and vice versa so I can just kind of write all of them off the minute I see their boobs falling out of their shirt). I am sure the same can be said about guys as well, so I feel for you, it sucks, it shouldn't be this hard but it is.

    • It's so true I agree, the good looking guys or girls are so superficial it's a turn off but of course you want to be attracted to someone, however beauty is only skin deep. I blame it on social media, anyway thanks for answering your opinion is interesting :)

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