Shy guys? Advice?

So, I've hung out with him a few times - he initiated all contact but always found an excuse to hang out and would be kind of awkward/shy (I am too).. We've continued texting here and there, he recently mentioned he's up for hanging out again if I'd like.. Of course I say yes and he told me he's free all the time - so I asked when he'd like and all he said was dunno? I told him I'm going to take that as a no in Which he immediatly replied no. Sooner or later? :) ... I told him I want to hang out but I'm not going to keep bugging him to, so it's up to him now... We've continued our regular joking and such... Is he ever gonna ask? We've both made it known we want to see each other again but he didn't really step up when he had the chance


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  • We tend to do stuff like that: miss opportunities.
    Maybe he's nervous about what to do, where to go, how to behave, what to say...
    So he just postpones it. If what I said is true, be sure that he regrets it deeply and wishes he was more confident and had the courage to overcome some of those fears. But with shy people, many times the fear obscures any will and just makes us miss opportunities and regret by keep on thinking about those situations over and over.
    Try to understand his side and find out if he is really that shy, or just not that interested.
    Are you willing to take initiative and talk about a specific place and date when you bring up the subject?


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