Can someone explain this to me?

So I dated a girl for like 5 weeks and I treated her poorly, because I was under lots of stress. So she ghosted me and I was okay with this because I didn't need anymore complications in my life. But as time progressed I realized I had treated her extremely bad, and made Half-assed dates. So when I saw her one day I said hello and she said hello back. So I began to text her, and now she keeps saying "Aparently" about everything. So my question is why is she say aparently continuously. Is she annoyed with me texting her, or is she still angery with how I treated her?


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  • Maybe, she does not want to talk to you that much because they way you were treating her.
    You should apologize her and try being nice for once

    • thank you for your input I will do this right away! I was just under lots of stress at the time I was dating her. My Best Friend's Dad who practically raised me was really sick, and it kind of made me an ass hole. The man was like a father to me.

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