I'm in love with my best friend, I confessed but now she has completely distanced herself from me. What can I do to get things back to normal?

This girl was just out of a long term relationship. I became friends with her and a couple of months after her break up we said we had started to like each other. We dated and everything was going well until she ended it and just wanted to be friends. We remained close friends but always text and flirted with each other and she would get jealous when I talked to other girls. Then a month after she ended it she got really upset and said she was just scared that I would hurt her and she really liked me. She was cheated on by her ex. We were fine for a couple of weeks before she distanced herself from me. She wasn't acting herself and being strange and not flirting at all which was not her. I asked her what was wrong and she said she wasn't sure if she liked me as more than a friend and said there was no sexual chemistry between us. I was hurt but remained her friend. We started to drift back to texting all the time, flirting, being really close. A week later she kissed me, this lead to other things but not sex. She said the whole thing about being scared again, and that the sexual chemistry was just an excuse. We remained close for the next week and she drunkenly confessed on a night out that she loved me, she was drunk but she looked me right in the eyes and kissed me. After this she went back to being distant but a lot more this time. I asked her again why she was acting like this and she said she felt it was going back to the way it was before and she just wanted to be friends. I asked her why and she said the thing about sexual chemistry again. I was really hurt and even more so when she said she couldn't remember saying the other stuff which I know is a lie. I told her I loved her completely and I had completely fallen for her. She said I was more of a best friend. But now she hardly texts me when she used to every day and never wants to hang out when we were hardly ever apart before. How can I get things back to how they were because I miss her so much?


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  • Talk to her


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