My p-e-n-I-s has turned blue! Help?

Hi! Sorry I didn't know how to title the question. Lol

So I was talking to this one guy ( let's call him Bill) and the guy I used to like ( let's call him nye). So nye and I used to be too shy to talk to each other, but recently we started talking as friends. We even gave each other nicknames and called each other that. I recently found out he liked me. And I was talking to Bill at the time. Me and Bill didn't really have a connection so I ended it with him. For the past few days Nye has been calling me by my middle name ( I love my middle name by the way ). He also came up to my house and stayed for 4 hours before me and Bill ended. ( we live right beside each other and he need to ask my parents something is what he claimed. )

So the situation has turned from joking around to calling me by my middle name. Why do you think out of all names he is calling me my middle name and how should I handle the situation? I've been responding " Hi I don't know you middle name", then he smiles. He also said that he loses interest once he finds out a girl likes him.

But my main question is why is he calling me by my middle name?


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  • Him calling you by your middle name is him trying to get something special between you and him. My girlfriend and I have nicknames for each other that only we understands.


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  • Just a thought. Could that name be the same as a past lover?

    • No. I know about all his exs

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