Girlfriend Never Initiates Sex?

I have to initiate when we have sex everytime that we do, the sex is great and she orgasms a couple of times every single time. She doesn't give head because apparently she doesn't like it, but I have to ask to give her head all the time because I have no idea when she wants it. She actually denies me a lot, and gives an excuse like she's sick, tired, not feeling well, she hasn't shaved. Even when she tells me plan to have sex tomorrow 2 rounds, something will always come up. I've expressed that it makes me upset when she denies me and she gets pissed off at me. I asked her if she was even sexually attracted to me and she said yes. Am I doing something wrong?
Any input would be awesome


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  • Just communicate with her nicely, that you will like her to behave in certain way, ''i will definitely like it if you blow me that hard, sensual... being delicious in your mouth'' , don't try to accuse her of not doing what you expected right away. The key is to be considerate. If she still acted selfish, maybe you should be moving on and find somebody who's sexually compatible with you.

  • Are u sure u r giving her orgasms bc its sounds like she is faking it.

    • Yes, I can feel when she orgasms. And she gets really loud, her muscles get really tense and then they relax.

    • I don't know man. Its a tough one. Maybe she is religious or something and doesn't like sex or maybe insecure about herself. Maybe she wants to try somethin new in bed. Maybe i would just lay off for a while and then come back with somethin new and exciting to make a new sexual experience.

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