Guys, what is your motivation for dating?

Are you dating to find a wife for life, or are you dating to satisfy your lust for women and sex?


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  • When I was dating: love, sex, companionship.

    I happened to get married, but not that many guys are straight up looking for a wife, unless they are actually ready to have kids, now.

    • I've read that Jewish and Muslim men are taught to date only if they are interested in marriage. I can't say about Catholic men. Not sure if they would concur with nonreligious men or with Jewish and Muslim men.

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    • You are negating something that I never said or implied. I never contrasted sex and love. I contrasted marriage (which is consummated by sexual intercourse) and lust (which is the exclusive overfulfillment of sexual desires).

    • Wasn't necessarily trying to imply you'd drawn that distinction. Though I probably interpret lust differently from you.

      The best sexual experience I've had whether with someone I loved or didn't were very similar.

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  • I'm dating a woman to enjoy fun experiences. Sex is just a ''product'' at the end of a fun filled date, possibly with heightened chemistry.

  • Dating for a first girlfriend, to experience, cuddles, companionship, and love.


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