If you feel someone you're seeing is stringing you a long, what would you say to them?

This person isn't your partner or SO.. it's someone you're seeing. They give you mixed signals like they want you, but then their actions don't match up.
Would you confront them or let it slide?
What would you say to them?


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  • yea i recently went through this... in the beginning he pursued me it was all bliss and romantic, then he stopped making effort to impress me or see me and was all excuses. worse feeling ever. its like were still together but he has no time for me? i actually did confront him several times... i asked him straight out over the phone if he still wanted to be with me or see me, and each time he said yes. i asked him if he still liked me and he said yes. he chose the days he would be able to see me and i worked around that. but he always made excuses that he was tired or lazy and i dumped him. he texted me after that and i never replied because i know i deserve better. actions speak louder than words and if someone has no desire to impress you and run after the hills to come see u so u can at least kiss, makeout, netflix and chill, then why even bother with them, they obviously dont value u. so u need to cut it off and move on cause chances are they have other options. and i refuse to be a sidechick.


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  • my current situation right now... no lie either... although we're not really seeing each other outside of school...(sorry this isn't really helping...)


    people have told me that i should confront them... (helpful?) :)

    • It's a balance between burning a bridge and escalating a connection.
      This girl I went out with twice, texts me but comes up with excuses to not meet up (e. g. "my legs hurt", "i'm feeling lazy" etc) and I'm tired of being her pen-pal. It's been about 10 days and I'm about to pull the plug on her. Just wondering how I should do it lol.

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    • Any tips on how I should put it to her? I'm really bad at wording things lol.

    • :? hmmm... sorry i have none. :(

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  • I think I will show what I want. If she rejects, cool. I will leave it open and move on. Do you really want to be with someone who verbally says want to be with you but their action doesn't match? Errrrkkkkk... NO NO


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