How to get a guy?

I've been single for almost 2 years now and I thought i wanted to hook up with guys but that didn't work out because I want more.. A full on romantic and passionate relationship. How do I find that in a guy? Where can I start?


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  • For a good relationship, I think best bet is network out. Basically put yourself out there, go to nicer events (maybe not ones that involve lots of drinking and drugs) meet friends, meet the friends of their friends, and so on. Essentially just socialize aggressively and have a blast doing it.

    Join some extracurricular groups/clubs/classes, make more friends.

    Note that romantic love is kind of hard to find at your age. A lot of young people don't know exactly what they want yet out of life, and the emotional maturity can sometimes be lacking to sustain something really long term. It'll get easier as the years pass by, but I think this is your best chance of finding something more than a hook-up.


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  • Well, are you interested in anyone right now?
    You can meet more guys through friends/acquaintances/work environment/hobbies etc.
    It won't be hard to find someone if you're good-looking.

    • No there really isn't

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  • Tell him "you. Me. Sex." That's the easiest way to get a guy 😂

  • What about guys in your school?

    • I don't know I'm going to a new school this year

  • Why are you Anonymous? Are you shy to ask this?

    • No I am not shy to ask this...

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    • I don't think 17 is that young!! You are grown up.
      Did you tried Insta :P. Also you can hide your age :P Put 18 on your profile!

    • No I haven't tried insta

  • itll come to you. dont rush it.


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