Is he lying? I think I looked bad but he said I looked like a "10"?

We Skyped for the first time tonight, previously it's been pictures and snapchating, but never live video. We went to school together and we know each other. Pretty much, He saw me in my laid back "self" after work in bed. I said I look bad, he said I looked like a 10. He acted like he wanted to look at me if I panned the camera away but maybe he just wanted to stare at my ugliness lol. We got off because his friend was there to get dinner and I haven't heard from him since then (probably a good 5 minutes nothing to worry about yet, he's busy). But was he lying about him thinking that I actually looked good?


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  • Maybe he was exaggerating or maybe he wasn't. He may be judging you on others he's seen at their worst knowing when you're all dolled up you'll look like the 10 he'd expect.


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  • Yeah. I think he's just trying to get into your pants

    • Lol, he lives in a different time zone I don't think he can do that for awhile haha. Like probably a year Bc he is stationed in a different state. I don't know we talk every day and he called me beautiful this morning in his good morning text to me

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