Pros of not rushing into a long distance relationship?

I just moved across the country for work and realized it is not what I thought I wanted. There is someone back home who recently told me they loved me and wanted me to come home and be with him, and while I love him too my head tells me not to move home for someone. Now, I'm realizing I would rather be home since I'm not liking where I live. The guy and I would talk everyday, say I love you and miss you, and it felt like a relationship. We just decided we don't want to start off bad and ruin anything while I'm living so far away, so we are going to wait to fully get into a relationship when I move home. Which could be in a few months or later. It hurts not talking to him since I love him and want to share my days with him, but I don't want to mess it up because I know we have to accomplish things on our own first. It always sucks not knowing if/when we will be together. Should I try talking to him about this/move home for him or work on my career out here?


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  • I think both man and woman should have an agreement of whether a party wants to move to his or her area or not in order to pursue the relationship. Or else it just doesn't work if also the parties haven't set a definite date to meet up. But for me, I don't want any long distance relationship anyway, it's emotionally torturing to not be with someone physically lol, I crave the person's presence.


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