Is it wrong to date a lot of different women at the same time if none of them want to commit?

Been dated a 23 yr old for 4 months, she wouldn't commit to being exclusive after 2 months.

So I started dating a 22 yr old and been dating her for 2 month, she also said the same thing.

Now I've been dating a 18 and 27 yr old for the past 2 weeks along with the 23 & 22 yr old.


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  • mmm unsure. What do you want? Do you want to be in a serious relationship? or do you just want to date around. If you are dating around, i see no issue, but if you want something serious, why are you with the 23 and the 22 year old? They don't want to be exclusive.


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  • it's okay to be in open relationships, as long as both of adults agreed. No problems? But have you slept with anyone of them lol


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  • Not really. Just let them know that you're seeing other people too.

  • No, because they don't want to commit.


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