Am I supposed to be jealous?

I've liked a guy for over a year and told him about a while ago that I had feelings for him. I didn't realise at the time he had a girlfriend and he didn't respond to my messages to him before about how I felt.. I left it when I found he had a long term girlfriend. I began talking to his brother a lot as we shared an interest in history but after a while stopped talking due to different schedules.

It's been a year now.. and the guy I liked initially has got married and I recently noticed that the brother has started updating his history page again where we initially began communicating. A mutual friend said he'd done it maybe to see if I'd communicate again since we don't know one another much on a personal level. The timing is odd as the brother I liked has married and is due to be a dad and I don't know why they'd try and get my attention again by inviting me to their history events. The brother who married 's wife has been going overboard with her wedding pics posting them all over her fb showing off and others have said she's acting like she's insecure? I blocked the brother I liked on FB after finding he married to avoid being upset or reminded about him.
Why would they all of a sudden try and get my attention again and for what purpose? Has the brother I liked realised I've blocked him on fb and realised I may be upset with him? They'd look at my page sometimes?


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  • I highly doubt that its meant to make you jealous, their is no purpose to it. The brother might have a thing for you but I am sure that no one is attempting to make you jealous.


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