Why does my fiance lie to me and why doesn't he admit when he is wrong?

My mom told me about my fiance looking at my bank receipt and told her how much i had. She said sthats none of her business how much she has and shouldn't be your business neither. When I ask fiance about looking at my receipt. He froze and lied right to my face. And also can't be completely honest about other things or give straight answers and makes excuses about anything and don't want to admit when he is wrong.
Thank ypu! just an ANNA s he is stubborn and I will work on trying to improve him and talk to him. If he doesn't want to make things better I will just take martyfellows advice.


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  • Time to say goodbye. Lies will only redouble once you are married.

    • Thank you martyfellow. But I cannot break it off that easily. We have been together over a year now and I do love him deeply.

    • I understand, but still, he will lie even more once you are married, and he is prone to it, already.

    • But I will keep in mind what you said for future inquiries

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  • there are many people, men and women, whose weakness is stubbornness and/or pride. they don't like to appear wrong, and will defend themselves, even if it sounds like utter nonsense to u.

    unfortunately all i can tell u is this is who he is. that part of someone can always be improved, but never completely disappear.

    • thanks love. i hope u guys can work it out xx

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    • Your welcome!! Thx!! I hope we do too!;)

    • that's ok! :D

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  • He didn't admit when he is wrong because he's just naturally being wired to behave in that way. Either you accept the situation or leave him. In reality, we can't change people whom they're eventhough they promised to become better version of themselves.

  • Sounds like a politician

    • Haha funny!! He's not though he doesn't have much money he gets a check and I'm a college student at MSU

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  • Doesn't sound like a healthy foundation for marriage if he's already lying to you now.

    • True but he can work on that and we can see how things go and if they don't get any better then we will break it off

    • I agree good luck hope it all works out

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