Am I too strange for a boyfriend?

I'm beginning to wonder if my interests are just too scattered for a guy to ever want to be with me. I've had a few bf's but I feel like they get turned off by me sometimes.

I'm a bigger girl, but no guy has ever said that's been a problem. I have a pretty good body shape, as I do have a pretty defined waist, but I'm just bigger.

I love fashion and love to dress up. Lots of guys have told me I am very pretty. I love to look nice. But I have a good job and pay for things myself. I've never asked a guy for anything, even when I was stranded and my car got stuck in a ditch.

I also like vintage stuff. I have some vintage furniture. I love going to car shows and especially love old music.

I'm not into video games, but I could watch movies all day. I love watching documentaries and learning new things. I'm a homebody, but I do go outside too. Some of my favourite things to do is cook, go on hikes, walks, go swimming and see friends.

Does this sound like a turn off? I feel like at times I can be so scattered.


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  • You sound like a nice lady ! I have more interests myself than you seem to have. I have phases where I get interested in subjects for some time until I don't. It comes back after a while. It's like a rotation. I get interested in electronics, physics, knot tying, wood working and a lot more. To me, it's the spice of life. There are so many things to learn in this world... I would love to meet a lady like you !

    So no, it's not a turn off. At least, not for me. I can perfectly understand your many different interests.


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  • Maybe you're hanging out with guys who have less common things with you that's why you feel scattered. Attraction is not a choice, if you like someone doesn't mean someone will like you back.

  • standard stuff.

    what's your personality like?

    • I'm bubbly, funny, nice and sweet. People tell me I'm really friendly and approachable and good to work with. I get along with most people. I'm very easy going.

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    • My last boyfriend told me I was sexy all the time and said he liked my body. Is it really that big of a deal to be a bit bigger? I'm not too big to fit in regular seats or anything, just a bit bigger boobs, broad shoulders, and butt.

    • dont get defensive. im merely making a point since the rest of you (personality) seems to be likable without any blatant flaws.

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  • I don't think you're too strange for a boyfriend, but you mentioned being overweight. Maybe you should lose a bit of weight?
    Not for the sake of acquiring a boyfriend, but for the sake of being healthy.


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