Should I leave my girlfriend?

Her best friend is a guy yet when I texted a female friend for 5 minutes to get work done she got mad and upset and said she hopes me and my stupid bimbo get hit by a bus. I know she's too jealous and I am okay with it. What I am not okay with is the fact that she keeps texting and talking to guys and her own best friend is a guy... Seems totally unfair that she doesn't want me to talk to girls yet does that...


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  • That sounds a bit hypocritical. I wouldn't want to be in a relationship like that.


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  • Talk to her about this, if she can't accept you having female friends, but she can have male ones, leave her, she's a hypocrite and will apply the same hypocrisy to other aspects of the relationship. She may even cheat given that she thinks she can tell you what to do and not to do.
    And I'm ignoring the fact that she wished you harm, which is enough to breakup with her.
    I wouldn't even have the talk, I'd just break up, but that's me.


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  • Jealous, controlling, and doesn't trust you.
    I'm not going to say leave her but you need to talk to her because it's really dumb she is preventing you from talking to girls yet she can do whatever she wants. She's being a hypocrite.


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