Guys, for those who are in a relationship, do you ever get bored being in a relationship? If so, why,? What could one do to spice things up?


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  • I dont find relationships boring, however I dont go out with just anyone or the first woman that is available. I have to like her in more ways than one and feel I can trust her somehow.
    I do hear some people just go out with others because of boredom, now that must be boring. Anyways, if it gets boring then have sex, its sooo much fun.

    • iagrer with u!!! pple these days use pple too for their benefit which is sad

    • Well, I can understand in a way. Maybe they want to go out, have someone to go out with, do things couples do, etc. However if Im not interested in you, Im not spending my time with you (date you)... Its how I see it.
      Are you bored in your relationship

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