Is there any chance she does/will like me?

She calls only when she needs some information (about classworks, studies, etc). Sometimes she texts instead of calling. Doesn't try to keep the conversation going. On social medias, even if I reply back instantly, it takes her hours to see my messages. Sometimes she doesn't even reply.

She's currently best friends with her ex whom she dumped a year ago. They're too close with each other and "may" still have feelings for one another. She talks about her ex quite often. I did tell her I like her & also did some stupid cute things for her in the past (things that normally boyfriends do) but still she didn't get any closer/friendlier with me, let alone care.


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  • Talk to her about how you feel

    • I also tried that in the past, but I ended up feeling like a joke. She would ask me why am I acting this way, etc etc. And she wouldn't try to resolve anything either. She would just stop contact with me for a day or two until she needs something again.

    • Try to give it time

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