What are Krakozhian women like in person?

I'm waiting at the airport for a woman I met online who is from Krakozhia. We've been talking about our lives online for the past couple of months via email because she said she doesn't have a phone because phones are really expensive in Krakozhia.

She is going to stay at my house and I bought her ticket because she can't afford it.
I know what you're thinking but I trust her, she has sent me many pictures and its always her in them so I know she really exists, its not one of those russian mafia scams. Besides she's from Krakozhia, not Russia.

Anyway, are Krakozhian women liberal? Is it ok to kiss her when she arrives?
Is there a chance to get lucky while she is here for her holiday or are Krakozhian women marriage first type women?
If anyone can answer it would greatly help, her flight from Krakozhia via heathrow is due in 2 hours. Im really excited but nervous at the same time.


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  • Is that a country?

    • I'd never heard of it either but I haven't heard of a lot of places

    • Dude its a big scam LMAO I first thought ut was a province in Russsia but they seem to have tricked you badly

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