How to get a guy that is getting over a relationship?

She kinda used him and broke him off after a week so I guess he really liked her and I've tried talking to him (texting) but I don't know how else cause it's been like a week since they broke up and he still thinks they are getting back together because she is playing him and saying she needs "time"


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  • They were only together for a week and then they "broke up?" What is there to get over? If he got that attached that quickly, it is a warning sign to which you should pay attention.

    • They had a thing for a bit to

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  • He is into her even if they were never together...

    • I know that? I just need a solution

    • The solution, u can be his friend n may get hurt. Other guard ur heart n meet other guys.

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  • Why do you want to swoop in and risk being a short rebound fling?

    • What?

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    • Nope ahaha I've liked him for a while and we had a thing awhile ago and never intended to get in his pants

    • I'm not typically like that

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  • Wait for him to get over it before doing anything.


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