Why do some girls ask to text but then have nothing to add to the conversation and don't initiate anything?

I am so confused, I would have some girls on dating sites and tinder message me first and eventually ask to text and then by the time we text, they give one word replies and don't do anything to further the conversation.

It puts pressure on me because they're not giving me anything to work with and I feel like I have to come up with everything to say or else I'm deemed boring, but in reality they are the fucking boring ones. A conversation takes more than one person and it's like even when I ask about them and get to know them, they hardly open up. It's like I don't know what the fuck they want to hear.

I'm just confused why this happens. Are they wanting me to interview them?


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  • It's basically just them trying to see how little they can do and still have you rooting for them. If a girl doesn't put in effort then stop replying! You are just giving them what they want which is free attention.

    • Yep, good ol attention whores.

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  • They want attention but are not able to hold conversation.

    • What's even weird is some of the people I described say they're looking for deep, meaningful conversation. Talk about putting on a front.

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