Why do men choose an uglier girl?

I met this guy once and we hit it off quite quick. It was fire against fire... for some weird reason he end up hating me.. i never cheated by the way. He dumped me and went for an 19 year old unattractive girl, he is 28 by the way, i think he uses her for sex, but he hangs out with her and introduced her to his family and he said i was the most beautiful girl he ever had in his hands (i am beautiful, no joke, not to sound conceited, i am really beautiful) i was out of his comfort zone, and he literally treated me like trash, he called me trash, whore, slut and bimbo, was ashamed to be seen with me (i first thought it was because of my skin color (im eats african) but now he proudly showing off a west African girl), she has a mustache! i am not being childish but she wear trashy ghetto clothes and he called me ''ghetto'' while i looked neat and clean... what was his problem, he despises me? I never had sex with him by the way
Why do men choose an uglier girl?
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