Girls, Met Online - Meeting in Real Life - Will She Still Like Me?


I met an amazing girl online 2 weeks ago. Things have been progressing extremely well and we decided to meet up this weekend.

Well, we skyped once and she said I looked very different on Skype than in my photos. The issue is she loved my photos but didn't like me on Skype. PErsonally, I don't feel I look different in my photos and Skype, but who knows.

Anyways, everything is going great and I'm extremely worried that she won't like the way I look when I meet her. Can someone really look that much different? If she likes me now, can all feelings go away when we meet? I'm so nervous -.- It's been a very long time since I've been in the dating game..;


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  • Well this is the opposite situation I am hearing, usually guys would complain about how girls look so different in pics and in real life bc of filters and the makeup.
    I would say why don't you compare yourself in your pics? like do you photoshop your pics? or maybe it's just your cam which has low quality to make you look different?

    • I do absolutely nothing to my pics which is what surprised me. Perhaps it is my laptop cam like you suggested.

    • Yeah bc I know a guy like you but his situation is opposite he looks bad in pics but when we skyped he looked good. So since you have mentioned that you use your laptop's cam I would say It's most probably bc of it. Laptop's cam sucks

    • Lets cross our fingers and hope that's what it is :D thanks for the reassurement!

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  • Just do it! No need to freak out! Everyone does! lol

    • Yes, definitely doing it. Just nervous xD

    • okay just try to not look at her to much! hahah!

    • Noted! ty!!

  • I don't think she would care. Personality takes over a persons appearance for most women anyway, just be yourself😊


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